Diving In

I am not a person who goes into things partially. If it sounds like a good idea, I tend to dive in wholeheartedly, fully, without restraint. Heart, body, mind invested – I plunge.

You can imagine that often I am met with disappointment, and even sometimes regret. I’m learning which of my whims to follow and which to put more thought into. The older I get the more I understand that this is a part of who I am, but that doesn’t mean I can’t refine myself to be better. I’m realizing now that crazy whims can still be paired with a process of going one step at a time.

I teach growth mindset to my elementary students. I use statements like “Rather than ‘I can’t’, try ‘how can I make the change so that I can do this effectively?'” Sometimes I will be in the middle of a quick reminder of how important the growth mindset is when I’ll get hit with a fresh wave of relief from the knowledge that this same kind of statement can be used for my own life.

When I started seriously considering writing a book, I knew in my gut that this was a time to sit back a bit. To take the idea seriously, but not to rush it. It has been a frustrating season as I knew that the words were there, I knew that my heart was ready, and I knew that it was time to do something big. Waiting and dipping in toe by toe rather than diving off the deep end has been challenging.

I’ll be honest, I was probably only knee deep in the pool when the idea for the “devotional” Pushing Into Joy became a viable reality.

I bent my knees, and I pushed myself eagerly into waters of considering myself an author, of considering my words important enough to be bound between two covers and shipped out to whoever is willing to read them.

First draft done, I am now in the process of editing and making the necessary steps to self publish my very own book.

A series of invitations to a life that is marked by joy. Entries outlining a process that brings us towards lives marked by the presence of joyful moments amidst and alongside the ugly and chaotic moments that we often lean into more readily.

I’m not following a distinct road map, which I kind of love. I’m thankful to the friends and family members and even strangers who have stepped up to encourage, champion, and propel me further along this crazy whirlwind path I am running (or tripping?) along.

Here’s to the next step.

Here’s to continuing to step out in moxie* and bravery* as we dip our toes in new pools and eventually dive in.

Whatever it is that you are thinking about or entertaining as a possibility in your head, let this be an encouragement to start the process somehow. Dip in a toe, step in to your waist, flip off the diving board. Get in the water. The world needs our words, our hearts, our creative minds to push good out into it.

*Jen Hatmaker’s book “Of Mess and Moxie” as well as *Brene Brown’s book “Braving the Wilderness” were huge components in propelling me into these waters. I am so thankful for the hearts of these women poured out in such a tangible and accessible way.