He is bigger than my wonderings and wanderings

I had a wow moment this morning.
A moment of pure and simple revelation.
The concept that I received wasn’t  necessarily new, or novel.
But it was good. Good for my soul.
Good for my outlook on my day.
Good for my trying desperately to look into the future.

Sunrises are amazing. They have always been a source of great peace and awe to me. It is the pairing of the colors that shine through clouds over the horizon with the concept that the sun is coming up again, as it always does and always will. Even on rainy, snowy days – the sun rises and it is a beautiful sight.

This morning the sunrise was insane. It was beyond anything I have experienced. I could hardly keep driving because I wanted to stop and stare at it until it was gone. The colors were bright, hues of orange, pink, yellow and blue mixed together forming the most perfect palette. Rays of sunlight shone in a half circle through the clouds which were layered as if they were close enough to reach out and touch.

[Sidenote, cameras cannot do scenes like this justice… Especially iPhone cameras from a moving car… But I had to try.]

A few minutes into my 11 minute commute I thought to ask God why He chooses to make sunrises so beautiful day after day.

I got a response. 

Let me pause here to insert that it is unusual for me to actually feel like I hear God speak directly. I experience Him and I feel him speak through people, the Bible, music… But not often in sentence form. What I heard this morning was important, and real.

Here is what I heard:

I am not like you. I do not tire of rising in the morning. I do not feel the grind of day after day. I do not lose my energy or my glory or my desire for beauty when things seem bad. 

All I could thing was: wow.

Mornings are hard for a lot of people, I am at the top of that list. Some days it feels like beginning the day is pointless because you know what it will be full of, and it won’t be pretty. Some days we look at the people in our lives and we feel like we are just too tired to do it all, or more accurately -to BE it all. Some days we feel angry and sour towards everyone, even the people we love the most.

God does not  respond this way to mornings *or any time of day.

He begins every morning with a masterpiece. Light shines and sweeps away the darkness. He doesn’t give of Himself in pieces. He gives of Himself fully. He doesn’t hold back His beauty, His masterpieces.

He continues to provide backdrops of absolute glory for everyone, even those who turn away from and against Him. For those who choose to deny His very existence. For those who love Him, but are bitter and withholding of affection.

He causes the sun to rise in glorious splendor each and every morning because He is the Creator who does not give up, does not surrender, He rises, He defeats darkness. Always.

This song has been my background music this week. It has filled my head and found it’s way into my thinking.

“You don’t give yourself in pieces. You don’t hide yourself to tease us.” 



I am blown away by how he pieces together the thoughts, feelings, and conversations I have. I am humbled by the way he uses people to minister to other people. I am in awe of the intricate design of a sunrise and the way that He can use a daily occurrence to teach, restore, and build me.

He isn’t hiding from us.
He isn’t far from us.
He isn’t a figment of imagination.
He isn’t able to fit in yesterday’s box.

He is able.
He is consistent.
He does not tire.
He does not falter in strength.

The sun will rise and it will be beautiful, colorful, and powerful. Every day that we are on this earth. Every day.