Millennial Thinking – A Poem For My Generation

What a time to be living in.
We’re all just trying to be heard and seen and known.

With stages at our fingertips, and canvases of every shape and size,
we illustrate and orchestrate all sorts of grand and small designs.

I jump and shout and wave my arms,
begging for applause.

Once my muscles tire and lungs burn out,
I plop and over-analyze my every single trait.

Too much noise, not enough poise.
Too real, too fake.
Too colorful, too black and white.

I’m tired, but I haven’t done enough.
I’m worn, but I feel all I’ve done is bluff.

Who knows what tomorrow holds.
Who knows where the wind blows.

Half empty? Half full? Half full of bull?

My attitude is poor.
I think it best I ignore.

Try again tomorrow.
Perhaps there’ll be an open door,
or maybe I’ll kick one down.

Either way, I’m here to stay.
Come what may.

Carry on.