I Believe In Possibility.

I believe in possibility.

Defined by Merriam-Webster:
Possibility- one’s utmost power, capacity, or ability
Possibility- potential or prospective value
Possibility- something that is possible

I believe in it for my students.
I believe in it for my babies.
I believe in it for my family.
I believe in it for my friends.
I believe in it for strangers.

I believe in it for you… but I forget to believe in it for myself.

I forget, more often than not, that my life holds possibility. My giftings and my callings are worthy of time and attention and of the belief in their possibility.

On some level, we all struggle with believing in our innate capacity for possibility. We stop believing that what we have in our hearts and our minds and at our fingertips, is worth pursuing and is full of potential. We don’t trust that when we invest in ourselves, their will be an endless pool of opportunities that await us. This is largely due to a mixing up verbiage, and incorrect definitions associated with opportunity, success, and possibility itself.

One of my biggest issues with our current culture is the way it glorifies “going viral” or being well known. We get in our heads from a young age that possibility is defined in some way by the amount of likes, the amount of attention, and the amount of success one has. Success itself gets a thwarted and inaccurate definition, because success is not as simple as a number either. Possibility is not a synonym for success or for fame, though it gets mistaken for both.

If I’m honest with you, and with me, I would have to admit that for most of my life I have pursued this twisted kind of possibility. The kind that spoke death over my unique abilities and voice.

The words that I spoke and heard went something like this,

“If I achieve the stature that (insert a name) has, I will have possibility.”

“If I cultivate a rich enough Christian life, I will have possibility.”

“If I lead worship in a powerful enough way, I will have possibility.”

“If I make a video that receives x amount of likes, I will have possibility.”

“If I write a post that gets shared x amount of times, I will have possibility.”

“If I dress like her, and speak like him, and present myself like they do, I will have possibility.”

I was a little girl who lost her sense of her own possibility because she thought there was a specific path, a specific recipe that got her to be a person who was good enough. I believed that my possibility was earned, rather than a part of my very makeup.

I was the teenager who felt insecure and unappreciated and unloved because she wasn’t able to meet the false set of expectations that clouded and marred her possibility. I believed that there was a yardstick that measures possibility, and I was missing the mark.

I am fighting now, as an adult, to see that my possibility and my worth lie not in what I do but in who I am. Always. 

My possibility is not rooted in my success or how well known I am, but in the fact that I am here. I am alive. I am a beating heart on the face of this planet that is full to over flowing with possibility.

We do not gain possibility once we have achieved an aspiration. We do not gain a greater level of possibility the more “successful” we are.

Each life holds possibility. The possibility for kindness, compassion, and love. Just these three things would be enough – but there is so much more within us.

Each life holds the possibility of encouraging others through words and actions. Each life holds the possibility of bringing a smile to another’s face by the sharing of our creative abilities. Each life holds the possibility of giving deep and lasting friendship and camaraderie to other possibility filled individuals.

Each life, is full to the brim with possibility. 

Those individuals who we view as “having it all”. The ones who are on the covers of magazines, or who we follow on social media who are killing it – they still have possibility! Fame is not the end result. Possibility is a constant and ever flowing stream for each of us.

So here’s what I have to say about the way we have been sabotaging our own self worth and neglecting our own possibility:

No more of this culture that is full of formulas.

No more of this idea that possibility has to do with a standard that is set in stone by other people’s opinions and experiences.

No more of this twisted idea that our possibility is in any way dictated by any one else’s ideas or successes.

Possibility is in each of us.

Maybe, for you, the issue lies more in the way you view other’s possibility. Do you look at the people around you with a life-giving perspective, knowing that each has potential, each has important possibility? Or, do you look around and find yourself judging each action, judging each individual, and deciding that they are lacking in some way? This is how we dehumanize and convince others that they do not have possibility.

We have so much power to do good and we have so much power to do harm. Our perspective on possibility is a huge component in this.

What area of your life have you decided lacks possibility, and therefore makes you lack as an individual? How about the individuals around you?

Whatever these places are – we have to decide to view the possibility within ourselves and others over the slithering, festering, lies that have seeped into our core.

Be it your own possibility or the possibility of those around you, we have to regain a healthy perspective. We cannot stay on this path of likes and shares determining possibility. There is too much possibility out there to limit ourselves by seeing only the viral and infamous moments as important.

Find something that reminded you of your own or someone else’s possibility today. Write it down. Share about it. Realign your perspective.

Believe in possibility. Yours, mine, and ours.