New Season, New Set Up

We have entered – or should I say dove head first – into a season of pursuing the dreams in our hearts and actively choosing brave trust over nagging fear. It has been highly rewarding, but also incredibly scary.

I have blogged before about my tendency to jump into things quickly . I go all in when I feel a whim is worthy. This book process has been the biggest whim I have ever embarked on.

We had two full days at home this weekend, just our family of 4. This is a rare occurrence for us. We spent a lot of time just playing inside and sitting around. Sunday, we got motivated and began to rearrange. (People who know me well are laughing at this, because it hasn’t been that long since my last rearranging endeavor.)

As we were scoping out the rooms and deciding what to move, I said to Gabe “I love that we rearrange to fit our current life.” I really believe that this is why I get the urge to rearrange as often as I do. Especially since having kids, I find that I want to rearrange once a room stops working well – which is fairly often.

What do I mean by this? I mean, things seem out of order more often than not – the space is not conducive to the activities or projects that come up on a given day.

Quite literally, we are in a new season. A season of me being home with the kids while Gabe goes to work, rather than us both going to work and the kids going to daycare. This meant, for me, that a new arrangement was necessary.

The words  that come to mind for this season are creativity and daring.

This Summer will be filled with preparing to officially release my book, while continuing to grow my platform and grow as a writer. Gabe is working to broaden his knowledge of software developing, which requires a computer where he can be near us, while still working efficiently. On top of that, Jemma is growing every day in her desire and ability to learn and create. She needs space to do this freely and comfortably. Milo mostly just needs a space big enough to accommodate his crawling, pulling himself up, and attempting to eat EVERYTHING in sight.

All of this is exciting. The rearranging process is a favorite for me, because walking into a newly organized room makes me feel excited and hopeful. In my book I talk about rearrangement as a process to help us build lives marked by joy… “For a full week after rearranging I feel joy just walking into a room that feels new and fresh and decluttered. I also do a better job of upkeep for this week, because I am determined not to fall into my clutter filled ways.” I am working to maintain joy in my home. This requires rearranging to accommodate life.

I have to fight my tendency to let fear overshadow the good. I have to actively combat the feelings of worry that threaten to stunt my creativity and steal my joy. Rearrangement is one of my go to tactics.

Maybe you can relate to this. Maybe you have had a life shift that was out of your control – and you have been looking for a practical way to maintain the reins on your life and your home. The simple act of rearranging can do wonders for that out of control feeling. Organize. Declutter. Make room for yourself to breathe. Or, maybe, like me you are in the middle of life shift that you chose. One that was a result of you pursuing a dream. Even when we choose to pursue something, there will be unknowns and stresses along the way. Rearrange. Accommodate for the things that are new and different.

We have to actively push into joy. This is the concept that I am continuously going back to. I am afraid I’m wearing the phrase out, but it’s just exactly what I know I need to do.

I have to push and push and push and push again because happiness is fleeting – but joy is in the everyday moments.

It is in the rearrangement of a home and the making room for dreaming and the carving out space for daring. 

Join me friends, it is so worth it.

Share the ways you rearrange to cultivate creative space and daring in your lives! I’d love to hear.