What I want you to know about “Pushing Into Joy”

I’m trying to formulate words for this post and it is feeling near impossible to start. I have so much I want to express. Gratitude, overwhelm, praise, relief, excitement… just to name a few of my emotions currently.

The pre-order for Pushing Into Joy is officially done. In three weeks, I hit what I thought would be the total number of books I sold period.

Let me make that more clear – when I set out to self publish this book, I had a goal of selling 100 copies. Total. I thought that if 100 people were willing to invest in my words, that would be a great achievement. I did a pre-order to get a feel for how many people were interested and we sold 95 soft cover, and 15 hard cover. THE BOOK HASN’T EVEN TECHNICALLY RELEASED YET AND MY GOAL HAS BEEN MET.

I am honored and humbled and so excited to see where this movement is going. When people have asked me about this book I often get comments like “How did you have time to write this?” “You are so busy! I can’t believe you wrote a book.” “How long did this take you?” And what I have started saying is that I believe this book chose me. In a spiritual sense, I believe that my soul knew it was time for these words to be out of my brain and onto paper and past that, it was time for them to be in the hands of other women who need the reminders as much as I do to push hard for joy. This quote by Allison Fallon sums my feelings up exactly:

“I’ve never been more convinced that the books we write choose us, more than we choose them. You do not “try” to write a book so much as it haunts you until you pay attention to it. Then, finally, when it hurts too much to ignore, you pay attention.” 

I feel like my time was multiplied and my heart was just ready for this. Ready to be stirred to action and to rise to start a movement. It’s amazing how acting in faith can cause ripples that turn to waves.

I have no idea how far these words will travel, I have no idea how many hands will hold this book, I have no idea how many hearts will benefit from this outpouring of my soul – but no matter the numbers, I am proud and thankful and hopeful to see continued movement towards lives marked by joy.

All of that said, I am following the example of a favorite author of mine and giving you my list of things to know as you receive or purchase this book:

  1. When can I order it? The pre-order is closed now, but the book officially launches and will be available to all on July 9th! (Subscribe to my email list to be the first to get the link. I promise not to spam up your inbox!)
  2. Devotional or not? I have waffled back and forth from day one with whether or not to call Pushing Into Joy a devotional. In fact, my first working title was: “Pushing Into Joy – an unconventional devotional for women who hate devotionals”. This subtitle wasn’t a fit for many reasons, number one being WAY too wordy.

    Devotionals in my mind are strictly for women in churches. Devotionals, for me, have always felt like homework. Out of the hundreds of devotionals I have bought, been given, or looked at – I can count on one hand the few that I feel impacted my life positively. I don’t say all of this as a criticism of devotionals. I say this because it was a driving factor for me as I wrote this book. I took my checklist of what I have always desired in a devotional, and I made one that I would want to read. I wanted a book that could be taken in daily chunks, or read in one sitting – but that would either way lend itself to reflection and application. I wanted it to feel friendly and welcoming to all kinds of women, not just women with a church background.

    So – call it what you will. Pushing Into Joy is a book with a devotional twist, but it is not filled with scripture and it is not catered to church women. It is a book meant for women period. For women who are looking for joy in their life.

  3. Who is my audience? Women who are hungry for joy in their lives. Women who are seeking practical, tangible examples of where to spot joy and how to come back to it when life is not going as planned.

    Because of my own age and life experiences, I would say that the center of my target audience is women ages 20-40, but I hope that the rings of this target will encompass many other people who are interested in deepening their capacity and eye for joy.

  4. Research based? Nope. This book is experience based. I want to continue to write and use the wealth of knowledge I have acquired from other authors, scholars, and teachers – but that was not the purpose of this book. I wanted Pushing Into Joy to be a heartfelt offering of my own, imperfect, experience of learning the difference between joy and happiness and applying that in my daily life.

    I steered away from quoting other authors because I knew this book would be fairly short, and the more I could keep it focused and precise – the better. Right away you will see that the spring board for the concept of Pushing Into Joy did come from a beloved author Brene Brown and her phenomenal book “Braving The Wilderness”. I also provide a list of books that have encouraged and steered and compelled me deeper on my own personal joy journey.

  5. Any collaborators? On the front cover, a gorgeous bouquet of PAPER flowers is featured. This holds a lot of meaning for me – a. because I cannot keep real flowers alive for longer than a day even though I love them, and b. because my best friends hand makes these flowers which set in motion the aesthetic inspiration for the book. Check out A Paper Garden to see more of these masterpieces.

    Throughout the book, and in many of my posts, you will see sketches of these same flowers with bursts of color done by JOS Artworks. This artist happens to be my little brother, and his uncanny ability to bring vision to life through his art has been an inspiration to me for years.

  6. What now? As these 100+ copies make their way into your hands – I hope that you will share how they impact your joy journey. I really desire to see this become a movement towards the lasting understanding that happiness is not always reality, because unhappy things happen in all of our lives, but joy can be sought and found regardless of circumstance. Joy is one of our greatest combatants to all that we may face. Learning to name it and live it has changed my life, and I hope it will do the same for you. I hope this book is just the starting point for you to live a life marked undeniably by joy.

    I definitely need you to spread the reach of this book by word of mouth. The sharing of your own stories, will encourage others to get it themselves and see what this joy pushing thing is all about.

    If you use social media, tag me on Instagram and Twitter (@hrgrimley ) or on facebook! I can’t wait to see and hear how you spread this movement further than I could ever have dreamed, planned, or imagined. You can also use and follow the hashtag #pushingintojoy as you get your copies and as you find things that resonate on your joy journey.

Clearly, God is bigger than my dreaming and scheming. I’m just doing what I feel called and led to do. My number one heart cry right now is to bridge gaps. I don’t want to live a life that is separated from people who believe differently or think differently than I do. I believe joy can be a connecting factor for all of us. I believe in this movement – not  justfor those like minded to me, but for all of us who are willing to see and experience joy in our various life circumstances.

Push on, friends. Thank you for reading, sharing, and resonating.

I appreciate each and every one of you.