I have been anticipating this move for a long time, years actually. It was more than just on my radar – it was hoped for, dreamed of, and sought after. Now that it has happened I am really trying to slow myself down and to look back over this last year of transition.

We’ve arrived. My two toddlers, husband, myself and all of our JUNK (seriously how in the world does so much stuff accumulate so quickly?!) are packed into the basement of my parent’s darling home in Roseville Minnesota. We are mere minutes away from the nearest Target, blocks from a gigantic library (and Dunn Bros), walking distance from not one but three toddler friendly parks. Bonus: I can officially navigate myself to all of these places without my gps – WINNING.

I have titled this season the adventure season.

Every morning Jemma (3.4 yrs old) wakes up smiling and asks what our adventure will be for the day! Just kidding, 9 times out of 10 she wakes up cranky as can be and mad about the way her blankets are sitting, asking for food, and yelling at me for one reason or another. Once she has received a few bites of breakfast she does turn to me and say “Where is our adventure today?” I love this moment, because to her a stroll three blocks down the road to the same park we were at the day prior is totally an exciting endeavor.

Every morning Milo (1.7 yrs old) does in fact wake up smiling, and is set in the bed with me as Gabe gets ready for work. He snuggles nicely for a 20 minute stretch before gleefully smacking my face repeatedly and saying “UP UP UP” until I groggily walk him upstairs and deposit him in Grandpa’s lap for his morning yogurt and squirrel watching.

What. A. Life.

It’s lovely and the beauty of it is not lost on me. I find myself grateful at every turn. Grateful for the job I landed at a beautiful school nestled into Coon Rapids. Grateful for the relationship we have with my parents that allows us to comfortably do daily life with them during this season. Grateful for the hours Gabe spent commuting to and from Shoreview to make this move a reality. Grateful for the timing of a summer with no commitments to adventure daily with my tiny human best friends.

I had meant to blog about the chaos that was May into June, but it turns out today’s writing session was meant to be on the beauty of my today, not the chaos of my yesterday. Funny how that happens.

I see in myself so much growth this last year. I have truly learned to experience and feel and name joy in the regular mundane things, and to ogle and awe and praise in the big things. I am far less focused on the negative moments, because they do not control me anymore. This is due in large part to the daily practices I have committed to so that my mind is not constantly in a panic state. When I go back to my writing over the last two-ish years I can clearly see this transition. I can see the way I worked through grief and fear and anxiety in my writing. The words that came out were often so painful that I contemplated deleting them, but I knew that somehow the process of writing was also a process of healing.

I had no idea as I wrote through the anxiety that plagued me that it would matter to more people than just myself. It mattered. To many of you. Friends and strangers alike have shown up on my Instagram, my blog, and through the purchasing of Pushing Into Joy to cheer me on and to remind me that I am not alone in my questions, my confusion, and my pain. I have learned the power of community through a world of hands both literal and figurative in my life. I am ever so grateful.

I hope that you continue to push hard for joy in your day to day. Please continue to share with me on my social media platforms, through messages, or wherever. I love to hear about the joy everyone is finding in the good and the bad.

Keep an eye out for more writing as I reignite and refocus in this season of transition and ADVENTURE.