Monday Mood

I am hoping to get in a writing rhythm. I’m going to focus on different topics on different days of the week. I hope to dive into the daily grind of motherhood, this current season of transition, food I’m loving, healthy lifestyle shifts that are keeping me going, and whatever else comes to my mind.

Today though – I’m literally just struggling to keep my eyes open, and I have been feeling that way since I opened my eyes at 6:27 *snooze, 6:37 *snooze, 6:47 *snooze, and finally 7:08 this morning.

It’s a mood. I typically try to combat the negativity associated with Monday, but today it’s just fitting. My kids are feeling it too. My 3 year old is angry at EVERYthing. My one year old finds making big sister angry incredibly enjoyable and I’m on my third cup of coffee (as if that’ll really help anything).

We have these days. They come, and they go.

That’s what I am reminding myself.

I found this new freedom a while back. It enables me to look at a bad day and just call it what it is, and not try to silver-lining my way out of what I’m feeling.

I used to think that by accepting a bad day, or a bad moment I was somehow low on faith. I was running out of joy. I was doing something wrong. I now know that bad days, moments, and things happen. We get nowhere by pretending they don’t.

You see and hear people talking about the social media tendency to become a highlight reel. I’ve been noodling on this for awhile. I try to be honest on my accounts, and transparent about the realities of life – but Brene Brown does a great job of reminding us that not everyone deserves to hear our whole story. Not everyone needs to hear the nitty gritty of the day to day. That needs to be earned. It’s cool if we can bravely share about it here and there, but if we all were airing our dirty laundry all the time – social media would become a tool to measure whose life sucks worse. Not the kind of space I want or need, and I’m guessing the same for you.

What I love about social media is the opportunity to name a bad day, feeling, mood, etc… and then find a nugget of joy anyway and share that. It’s not a cheat. It’s not a highlight reel – it’s an honest capturing of one joy stirring that was worth sharing.

This was where the concept of Pushing Into Joy came from. When I was at my lowest, I couldn’t even express the depths of my mental instability – but I could click the camera button at the moment my daughter was throwing leaves in the air, or as my chocolate cake was delivered to me. These glimpses of joy were not me pushing away my pain, but me deliberately pushing into joy amidst the bad.

Today isn’t one of those days that I am drowning by any means. Just kinda bleh. Matching the weather. Grey, rainy, muggy. No sun to be seen.

I was mad at my daughter for being shy. Irritated at my son for needing hugs. Frustrated with my toddlers for being toddlers. These kinds of days are where I know it’s just been too much go go go. We need rest. I need to re-calibrate and refocus.

Are you matching my Monday Mood? If you are, I invite you to name it. Call it what it is. Then, when the moment comes that stirs your joy – snap a photo. For yourself to look at later, or to send to a best friend, or to post somewhere public. Up to you. This action associated with joy makes a huge difference. Truly. It’s a process. We are all going to have those Monday Moods. It’s what we do with them that counts.

Ps. Good coffee and a snack and a tv show don’t hurt either.